SCB 115 Lab 8, Exercise 13 – Community Ecology

Learning Objectives

After completing this lab, the students will be able to:

  • Define Ecology, population, community, and ecosystem.
  • Differentiate between producer, consumer, herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, parasite, decomposer, and detritivore.
  • assign organisms to their trophic level and construct a food web.

Lab Readings

Read the following materials before you begin the experiment.

  1. Population, Community Ecology and Ecosystem (Boundless Biology at Lumen Learning) 
  1. Population and Community Ecology  
  1. Ecosystems 


Watch the following video before you start the lab activity.

  1. View below or on YouTube Ecosystems (Bozeman science).

Lab Activity

let’s view Virtual Biology Labs below (conducted by Department of Biological sciences, East Tennessee State University)


View these Energy Pyramids link, and answer these question below:

1. Explain why pyramid is the best shape to represent how energy flows through an ecosystem.
2. Explain why producers are at the base of the pyramid.