SCB 115 Lab 10 Circulatory and Respiratory System

For Lab 10, you will complete two exercises:

Please review the Biology Laboratory Safety guidelines before you begin each laboratory investigation. Look at SCB115-Syllabus.pdf for accessibility and other policies.

Exercise 16 – Circulatory System

Learning Objectives

After completing this lab, the students will be able to:

  • recognize and describe three components of circulatory system: Heart, Blood vessel (different types), and Blood.
  • identify systemic and pulmonary system.
  • describe the anatomy of the heart and blood vessels.
  • trace the flow of blood through the heart and entire body.
  • Identify red and white blood cells and platelets under the microscope.
  • distinguish the heart sounds.
  • Measure heart rate, pulse rate, and blood pressure.

Lab Readings

Read the following materials before you begin the experiment.

Source: (slide no.8)
  1. The Circulatory System (Lumen learning, Bio2, Module 18)
    The Role of Blood in the Body
    Blood Cells
    Components of Blood
    Introduction to the Mammalian Heart
    Structure of the Heart
    The Cardiac Cycle
    Blood Vessels
    Blood Circulation
    Blood Pressure
    Putting It Together: The Circulatory System
    Cerego: The Circulatory System
  2. The Circulatory System (Openstax, Bio2, Chapter 40)
    40.1 Overview of the Circulatory System
    40.2 Components of the Blood
    40.3 Mammalian Heart and Blood Vessels
    40.4 Blood Flow and Blood Pressure Regulation
  3. The Cardiovascular System (Lumen Learning, AP2, Module 2)
    Introduction to the Cardiovascular System: Blood
    An Overview of Blood
    Production of the Formed Elements
    Leukocytes and Platelets
    Blood Typing
  4. The heart (Lumen learning, AP2, Module 3)
    Introduction to the Cardiovascular System: The Heart
    Heart Anatomy
    Cardiac Muscle and Electrical Activity
    Cardiac Cycle


View these videos below on YouTube before you continue to the lab activity.

  1. The Circulatory System (Bozeman Science)
  2. The Heart Dissection (Biologybyme)
  3. How to measure the blood pressure (PolyFit CP)

Lab Activity

Please follow the instructions below to begin the experiment.

  1. How to measure the blood pressure.
    -You need stethoscope and sphygmomanometer to conduct the experiment.
    -Read the manual of blood pressure background, palpation and auscultation and
    -watch the video before practicing.
  2. Virtual microscope slide by Peter Takizawa.
    Read the blood cells manual and observe the following blood cells:
  1. Study the Heart Model slides below and identify their structures.

4. Fetal Pig dissection.



What types of blood cells in this blood smear?
View the slide at 400x magnification, and identify the cells pointed by red pins.
(Histology at Yale)