SCB 103 Lab 7 Respiratory and Cardiovascular Systems

Learning Objectives

After completing this lab, the students will be able to:

  • identify the structures of the respiratory system.
  • describe the passage of air from the outside environment to the lungs
  • understand the mechanism of breathing.
  • identify systemic and pulmonary system.
  • describe the anatomy of the heart and blood vessels.
  • trace the flow of blood through the heart and entire body.

Lab Readings

Read the following materials before doing the lab activities.

  1. Circulatory and Respiratory Systems. (Openstax)
  2. The Respiratory System. (Lumen Learning)

3. Cardiovascular System.

Source: (slide no.8)
  1. The Circulatory System (Lumen learning)
  1. Respiratory Diseases
Chest X-Ray: Normal Lung (right) vs Atypical Pneumonia (left).

5. Cardiovascular disease.

Acute Myocardial Infarction.


Watch the following videos to build your knowledge on the topic.

  1. Bell Jar Lung Model Video. (Dr. Dan’s Anatomosphere)
  2. Pulmonary Function Test. (Strong Medicine)
  3. How to: Measure Blood Pressure. (PolyFit CP)
  4. How COVID-19 Affects Your Lungs. (NHLBI)

Lab Activity

  1. Study The Lung and Heart Model slides below and identify their structures.



  1. Open these links and answer the short quizzes below: