Welcome to the OER Portal

Welcome to the LaGuardia Community College (LAGCC) Natural Sciences Department Open Educational Resources Portal.

Overview and Purpose

The portal’s purposes are to:

  • Share the Natural Sciences Department (NSD) open educational resources (OER) and OER project related documents, such as open textbooks, laboratory manuals, homework and assignments, and learning outcomes;
  • Provide access to open course content for faculty and students;
  • Connect faculty and students with other open education resources and collaborators; and
  • Obtain comments and suggestions for on-going development and improvement.

Helmut Eppich Galaxy 1 Painting
Eppich, Helmut. Galaxy 1. ©1994. LaGuardia Community College. Photo by Dina Pizzarello.©2020.

OER Courses

The courses on this portal are or will be Zero-Textbook-Cost courses. Course faculty are creating and adopting teaching, learning and research materials that permit no-cost access, use, adaptation and redistribution by others with no or limited restrictions.

The following course pages provide links to the syllabus and open course content, websites and learning tools:

Website Contact

This portal is a work in progress, and updates and changes will be on going. Please send comments, problems, broken links, errors, copyright and accessibility issues, and questions to the site designer and administrator.