Welcome to the OER Portal

Welcome to the LaGuardia Community College (LAGCC) Natural Sciences Department Open Educational Resources Portal.

Overview and Purpose

The portal’s purposes are to:

  • Share the Natural Sciences Department (NSD) open educational resources (OER) and OER project related documents, such as open textbooks, laboratory manuals, homework and assignments, and learning outcomes;
  • Provide access to open course content for faculty and students;
  • Connect faculty and students with other open education resources and collaborators; and
  • Obtain comments and suggestions for on-going development and improvement.

OER and Zero-Textbook-Cost Courses

The courses on this portal are or will be Zero Textbook Cost courses.  Faculty are creating and adopting teaching, learning and research materials that permit no-cost access, use, adaptation and redistribution by others with no or limited restrictions.

The following courses have or will have open content and learning tools. Some courses are still under development, and when visited, may show this message: “It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help.”

Helmut Eppich Galaxy 1 Painting
Eppich, Helmut. Galaxy 1. ©1994. LaGuardia Community College. Photo by Dina Pizzarello.©2020.

Website Accessibility, Disclaimer, and Contact

This portal is a work in progress, and updates and changes will be on going. While we strive to include accessible and public domain and open-licensed content, hyperlinks to external content may not always contain open-licensed and accessible or they may contain material licensed under a different open license than those on this site. Guides may no longer be current since the time they were created, so users should check for any update from the maker or company. Resources are for information purposes only and are not being endorsed.

Contact site administrator, if you have questions, problems, experience broken hyperlinks, errors, copyright and accessibility issues, or have take-down requests or suggestions.