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Helmut Eppich

Helmut graduated from LAGCC and later from the City College with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. He is currently a College Laboratory Technician at LAGCC. His paintings are featured on this site and are licensed under a CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 International Creative Commons license.

“My space paintings around the college were a natural evolution from illustrating science fiction comics. They were inspired by a combination of astronomical images taken with The Hubble Telescope, Hayden Planetarium Light Shows, and traditional PBS astronomy television mini-series such as “COSMOS”, hosted by the late, preeminent astronomer, Carl Sagan. Highly acclaimed astronomical illustrators created various types of space art for the mini-series. Noting those illustrators’ names in the show’s end titles, I looked up their work, which became inspirations for future space paintings.”

Excerpt from “That Sense of…..ENTERPRISE” by Helmut Eppich, at

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