SCB 208 – Vertebrae Anatomy and Physiology I

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Lecture Textbook (Required)

Vertebrate Anatomy and Physiology for Veterinary Technician Students. Boris Zakharov, First Edition

ISBN-10:151653946X; ISBN-13:978-1516539468

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Lab Textbook (Required)

A Dissection Guide and Atlas to the Mink. David G. Smith, Michael P. Schenk. Morton Publishing Company, 2000 (Revised Edition).

ISBN: 0-89582-450-7; ISBN 13: 9780895824509

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Free E-Textbook (NOT required) 

Anatomy and Physiology is optional. The textbook is free to read online and download (PDF, Kindle). (Book URL:

J. Gordon Betts,  (2018) (2019). Anatomy and Physiology. Houston, Texas: OpenStax. Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0

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SCB 208 Course Description

This course, the first part of a two-course sequence, introduces students to the anatomy and physiology of vertebrates, with an emphasis on domestic animals. Topics include the chemistry of life, histology, body organization and the structure and function of the following organ systems: integumentary, skeletal, muscular and endocrine. In the laboratory student have the opportunity to dissect representative vertebrate animals. Prerequisite: SCV101 or SCB202, Pre/Corequisite: SCC110. 3 credits; 4 hours (2 lecture, 2 lab)

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