SCB208 – Lab3

Learning Schedule and Objectives

WeekTopicsAssigned Reading
3Cranium and vertebral column.Textbook: Ch. 7: 170-204.
Lab-book: Ch. 6: 100-120.
a. Students continue study bones of skull.
b. Students will learn to identify: Parts of the vertebra. Atlas. Axis (and Dens). Cervical spine. Thoracic spine. Lumbar spine. Caudal spine.
c. Students will study bones of sternum: Costal cartilage. Manubrium, sternebra, and xiphoid process of sternum.

Important Notice

  • Bring the Laboratory Manual to every Lab class. Preview manual before lab.
  • Dissection Kit must be purchased and brought to lab starts from Lab7.
  • Shoes with open tows and slippers do not allowed in the Laboratory Room.
  • Read Biology Laboratory Safety guidelines or download Biology Lab Safety PPT.
  • Above rules may not apply to remote learning, please reach out to your instructor.
  • No makeup practical exam.


Download Lab3 PPT or View below



Lab Activities

Cat 3D Model: Skeleton

Cat 3D Model: Atlas

Cat 3D Model: Axis

Cat 3D Model: Cervical Vertebra

Cat 3D Model: Thoracic Vertebra

Cat 3d Model: Lumbar Vertebra

Cat 3D Model: Sacrum

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