SCB208 – Lab2

Learning Schedule and Objectives

WeekTopicsAssigned Reading
2Introduction to the skeleton.
Textbook: Ch. 7: 170-204.
Lab-book: Ch. 6: 100-120.
a. Student will distinguish areas of bone from areas of cartilage.
b. Students will learn to distinguish between compact and cancellous bones.
c. Student will distinguish long, flat, and irregular bones
d. Students will study structure of the long bone: medullary cavity, epiphysis, and diaphysis.
e. Student will be able to distinguish the terms: process, foramen, condyle, and ramen.
f. Student will be able to identify bones of the skull and teeth (incisors, canines, premolars, molars), cranial sutures, and hyoid apparatus.

Important Notice

  • Bring the Laboratory Manual to every Lab class. Preview manual before lab.
  • Dissection Kit must be purchased and brought to lab starts from Lab7.
  • Shoes with open tows and slippers do not allowed in the Laboratory Room.
  • Read Biology Laboratory Safety guidelines or download Biology Lab Safety PPT.
  • Above rules may not apply to remote learning, please reach out to your instructor.
  • No makeup practical exam.


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Lab Activities

Cat 3D Model: Skeleton

Cat 3D Model: Skull

Cat 3D Model: Mandible

Cat 3D Model: Clavicle