SCC 251 – Organic Chemistry I

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Lab Handouts, Manuals and Safety

SCC 251 Lab Handouts and Manuals

  • Laboratory Manuals are being developed and will be piloted in Spring 2022.

Forms and Safety for All Chemistry Labs

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Homework and Assignments

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Review Material

Intermolecular Forces

Chemical Reactivity



Stereoisomers Part I



Steroisomers Part II

Alkyl Halides Substitution and Elimination Reactions

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Textbook problem solutions

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The syllabus contains information on Course materials, Instructional Objectives,  Grading Scheme and Standards, Homework Assignments, Attendance and other policies, Class schedule and instructors, and Laboratory requirements and experiments.

Download Syllabus for Spring 1 2022 or read online

SCC 251 Course Description

This is the first part of a two-semester sequence in organic chemistry, covering the synthesis, structure, reactivity and mechanisms of reactions of organic compounds. The course will include a systematic study of alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, alkyl halides, alcohols, thiols, stereochemistry, substitution reactions and elimination reactions. The laboratory stresses the synthesis, purification, separation and identification of organic compounds. Prerequisite: SCC202 5 credits; 7 hours each (3 lecture, 4 lab)

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References: Chemistry OER

  • Chemistry OER
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