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Finding OERs

[I need to organize these by curation from well curated to less.  Also need to denote   aggregators done by machines.  Different search engine and sources.]

Open SUNY Textbooks is an open access textbook publishing initiative established by State University of New York libraries. This initiative published high-quality, cost-effective course resources by engaging faculty as authors and peer-reviewers, and libraries as publishing service and infrastructure. Adopt, Adapt, Share, Create, and Get Support.

SUNY College at Genese OASIS search engine aggregator was created by librarians and searches 98 sources including those listed below (10/19/19).  Search all or narrow by Title, author, subject, source and link.  Can filter by type of OER, license, subject and source.    Search widget code can be added to own site.   Results have no to few duplications.  (Van: this seems a good place to start.)

Open NYS is a collaboration between CUNY and SUNY to showcase and support the use of Open Educational Resources (OER). [Does it have a legal structure?]

OpenEd CUNY is a CUNY curated digital library of open educational resources.  Register/Join.  Find. Contribute. Create (OER Author tool). Connect.  Can search and filter by subject (e.g. physical science, life science), material type and educational level.  Warning: Duplicate postings.  STEM resources on CUNY OpenEd

CUNY Academic Works institutional repository (archives) provides public access to the scholarly and creative work of CUNY.  The Open Educational Resources series collects instructional materials — from textbooks to syllabi — created by the CUNY community.

Carnegie Mellon’s Open Learning Initiative provides dozens of college-level courses, and a platform that enables research and experimentation with any aspect of the learning experience.

OpenStax: A nonprofit educational initiative based at Rice University. Their mission is to give every student the tools they need to be successful in the classroom

University of Minnesota Open Textbook Library includes textbooks that have been funded, published,  and licensed to be freely used, adapted, and distributed. These books have been reviewed by faculty from a variety of colleges and universities to assess their quality.

OER Commons is a public digital library of open educational resources. Explore, create, and collaborate with educators around the world to improve curriculum.

DIgital commons Network: Free access to full-text scholarly articles and other research from hundreds of universities and colleges worldwide

Lumen Learning offers individualized learning experiences and creates digital course materials that replace expensive textbooks in high-enrollment college courses and save students millions every term.  Candela (ebooks and curated learning materials-$10/enrolled student (ER) as of 10/19/19), Waymaker ($25/ER), and OHM (Lumen Online Homework Manager $25/ER) (the software is free to create your own?)  Copy, Customize and Create questions, practice and grading.  David Wiley is a founder and Chief Academic Officer.  David Lippman is the MyOpenMath Lead (this is a free platform to create, copy, and customize.  Warning: Has free and fee-based resources.  What type of company is this?  Software company?  Website search on Whois does not list the owner.

CUNY Mercer and LAGCC have adopted MyOpenMath (OHM).

The California State University MERLOT collection consists of tens of thousands of discipline-specific learning materials, and learning exercises.  Find. Add. Create.  Review and Peer Reviews.  Create Course E-portfolio.  Join MERLOT Community. Merlot searches give results from the Merlot collection, other libraries and the web and searches can be filtered by material type and audience.  Warning:  Duplicate postings.

Mason OER Metafinderis a search aggregator that launches a real-time, simultaneous search across 21 different sources of OER.  Search All or by title, keywords, author, and date range.  Can filter results by attributes such as type, publisher.  Sources: American Memory (Library of Congress) ; AMSER – Applied Math and Science Education Repository ; BC Campus:Open Ed ; Digital Public Library of America ; Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) ; HathiTrust – Full View ;JSTOR Open Access books ; Merlot.Org ;MIT OpenCourseware ; ; OASIS ; OER Commons ; OERs at Internet Archive ;Open Textbook Library ; OpenStax CNX; Project Gutenberg ; The New York Public Library Digital Collections ; and World Digital LibraryWarning:  Duplicate postings.