SCB 103 Lab 5 Genetics

Please review the Biology Laboratory Safety guidelines before you begin each laboratory investigation. Look at SCB115-Syllabus.pdf for accessibility and other policies.

SCB 103 Lab 5 Content

Learning Objectives

After completing this lab, the students will be able to:

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Lab Readings

Read the following materials before you begin the experiment.

  1. Trait Inheritance (Lumen Learning, module 11)

2. Mendel’s Experiments and Heredity (Openstax)

3. Modern Understandings of Inheritance (Openstax)

4. Mendel’s Experiment and Laws (

5. Genetic Diseases : Chromosomal Basis of Inherited Disorders (openstax)


6. Gene Therapy


Watch the following videos before you start the lab activity.

  1. Genetics (Bozeman science)
  2. Dihybrid Crosses and Linked Genes by Andrew Douch
  3. Gene Therapy by Professor Dave Explains.
  4. Modern Cloning Techniques by Fuse school.
  5. Biotechnology: Genetic Modification, Cloning, Stem Cells, and Beyond by Professor Dave Explains.

Lab Activity


  1. Human Mendelian Traits.
    Use the chart to determined your phenotype and genotypes.
    Please view The Genetics Inheritance presentation above as your reference.
  2. Prepare these materials before you start the experiment: two brown bags, 15 red beans and 15 white beans.
    Work on Monohybrid Crosses and The Punnett Square Lesson Plan (Univ. of Georgia) according to the manual.
    Please view the images below as your references.


  1. Mendelian Inheritance quiz by
  2. Mendelian Inheritance quiz by