SCB 115 Lab 9 Exercise 15 – Urinary System

Learning Objectives

After completing this lab, the students will be able to:

  • Identify the organs of the urinary system.
  • Identifty the structures of the kidneys.
  • Identify the parts of the nephron.

Lab Readings

Read the following materials before you begin the experiment.

Urinary System. Source:
  1. The Urinary System (Openstax, AP, chapter 25)  
  1.  The Excretory System (Lumen learning, Bio2, module 22) 
  1. The Urinary System (Lumen learning, AP2, module 9) 
  1. The Urinary System (access science) 


Watch the following three videos before you start the lab activity.

  1. View below or on YouTube Urinary Anatomy lab by Ross Langston
  1. View below or on YouTube Kidney anatomy by Sam Webster
  1. View below or on YouTube Pig Dissection Webinar– Carolina Biological (Urinary system start from 34:00-35:51)
  2. View Urinary System Model presentation below.

Lab Activity

 Please follow the instructions below before get into Fetal Pig Dissection.

  1. Fetal Pig Dissection Guideline and Diagram by Dr. J. Lim, (


Download and complete the urinary system questions from page 15 to 23 on your pdf file. (Hostos Community College) .