SCB 201 General Biology

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Course Content

Free E-Textbook 


Biology 2e is optional. The textbook is free to read online and download (PDF, Kindle). (Book URL:

Clark, M.A., Douglas, M., & Choi, J.  (2018) (2019). Biology 2e. Houston, Texas: OpenStax. Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0

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Textbook problem solutions

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Lab Handouts, Manuals and Safety

  • Lab 1 Measurement and Microscopy
  • Lab 2 Macromolecules
  • Lab 3 Diffusion and Osmosis
  • Lab 4 Enzymes
  • Lab 5 Cellular Respiration
  • Lab 6 Photosynthesis
  • Lab 7 Mitosis and Meiosis
  • Lab 8 Genetics
  • Lab 9 Biotechnology – DNA extraction and PCR
  • Lab 10 Biotechnology – Restriction Digestion and electrophoresis
  • Lab 11 Evolution and Natural Selection
  • Lab 12 Evolutionary Mechanism

Forms and Safety for All Biology Labs

(Source: LAGCC Natural Sciences Department)

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The syllabus contains information on Course materials, Instructional Objectives, Grading Scheme and Standards, Homework Assignments, Attendance and other policies, Class schedule and instructors, and Laboratory requirements and experiments.


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SCB 201 Course Description

This course is part one of a two-semester sequence covering concepts of general biology. Beginning with an introduction to the scientific study of life, the course covers the chemistry of life, cell structure and function, cellular respiration, photosynthesis, cell cycle and cell division, classical and molecular genetics and gene expression, DNA replication, genetic engineering, development, evolution, speciation and phylogeny. The laboratory component of the course complements the lectures. Prerequisites: CSE099, ENA/ENG/ESA/099/ENC101, MAT099. 4 credits; 6 hours each (3 lecture, 3 lab)

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