SCB209 – Lab1

Learning Schedule and Objectives

WeekTopicsAssigned Reading
1Peripheral nervous system,
central nervous system, spinal cord
Ch. 8, 219-223; 228-233.
Specimen: Spinal cord model , Nerve model, Mink specimen, Slides of spinal cord and peripheral nerves
Identify the following:
White matter and gray matter of spinal cord, Dorsal and ventral nerve roots, Dorsal and ventral horns of grey matter
Peripheral spinal nerves, Axon, Dendrite, Neuron, Spinal cord (on tail of mink), Optic nerve (cow eye)
Identify following On dissection of mink:
Sciatic nerve, Cervical, Brachial, Lumbar, and Sacral nerve plexuses

Important Notice

  • Bring the Laboratory Manual to every Lab class. Preview manual before lab.
  • Dissection Kit must be purchased and brought to lab starts from Lab1.
  • Shoes with open tows and slippers do not allowed in the Laboratory Room.
  • Read Biology Laboratory Safety guidelines or download Biology Lab Safety PPT.
  • Above rules may not apply to remote learning, please reach out to your instructor.
  • No makeup practical exam.


Download Lab1 PPT or View below



Introduction to the Spinal Cord and Brachial Plexus

Neuron, Spinal cord, Nerves models Walk-through

Cat Nerves Dissection, watch more: Mink Nerves Dissection.

Lab Activities

Slide left or right to learn the labels of models.

Neuron Model- Whole Part

Neuron Model- Whole Part

Neuron Model- Cell Body Part

Neuron model – Cell body

Spinal Cord Model Without Vertebra

Spinal Cord Model without Vertebra

Nerves System Model – Upper Part

Nerves System Model – Upper Part

Nerves System Model – Lower Part

Nerves System Model – Lower Part