SCB 115 Lab 2 Microscope and pH, Acids, Bases, and Buffers

For Lab 2, you will complete two exercises:

Please review the Biology Laboratory Safety guidelines before you begin each laboratory investigation. Look at SCB115-Syllabus.pdf for accessibility and other policies.

Exercise 3 – Microscope content

Learning Objectives

After completing this lab, the students will be able to:

  • Describe the basic parts of a compound light microscope and their functions.
  • Explain the proper care and handling of a compound light microscope.
  • Learn how to focus and view specimens under a compound light microscope.
  • Explore depth of field of a compound light microscope.

Lab Readings

Read the following materials before you begin the experiment.

  1. Use of the Microscope
    The PDF can be accessed directly at
  2. Parts of  Microscope
Parts of a microscope. © Sagar Aryal,

Parts of microscope labeled.


  1. Watch Introduction to Light Microscopy on or YouTube before you start the lab activity. To get a full access material at, sign up through the LaGuardia library website
  2. View below or on YouTube the video Microscopes and Cell Shapes
Microscopes and Cell Shapes

Lab Activity

Please follow the instructions below to begin the experiment.

  1. Click virtual microscope at BioNetwork.
  2. Press Guide to get information about Microscope.
  3. Press Learn to get familiar with the parts of microscope and their functions.
  4. Whenever you are ready, press explore to start the experiment.
  5. Then press ? to open the slide box.
  6. Press sample slides, then press Letter E slide. Now you are seeing letter E in the microscope view.
  7. Start from the lowest power of magnification, by pressing 4x.
  8. Adjust the coarse focus, fine focus, and light to get the best quality image.
  9. With the same E slide, explore with the other objective lenses by pressing 10x, 40x, and 100x.
  10. After you are done with the experiment, go back to Main menu and challenge yourself with the microscope Test.


Microscope Quiz