SCB 115 Lab 11 Nervous System and Special Senses

For Lab 11, you will complete two exercises:

Please review the Biology Laboratory Safety guidelines before you begin each laboratory investigation. Look at SCB115-Syllabus.pdf for accessibility and other policies.

Exercise 18 – Nervous System

Learning Objectives

After completing this lab, the students will be able to:

  • Identify the structures of neuron.
  • Identify the cranial nerves.
  • Identify the structures of the brain and its regions.
  • Give the general function of each region of the brain.
  • Identify the structures of the spinal cord.

Lab Readings

Read the following materials before you begin the experiment.

Neuron Diagram
  1. 35.1 Neurons and Glial Cells (OpenStax, Bio2, Chapter 35)

2. Nervous System Diagram.



  1. View The Nerve Impulse video below.

2. View the Function of Neuromuscular Junction video below.

  1. View The Chemical Synapse video below.

4. View The Action Potentials video below.

5. Sheep Brain Dissection video

Lab Activity

Please follow the instructions below to begin the experiment.

  1. View The Brain, Spinal cord and neuron model slides below and identify their structures.

2. The Sheep brain Dissection.
Read The Sheep Brain Dissection Manual and View the sheep brain slides below, before you begin the dissection.


3. Giant Multipolar Neuron Slides.



  1. The Brain quiz
  2. The Nervous System Organization quiz
  3. The Cranial Nerves quiz
  4. The Spinal Cord quiz

Exercise 19