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Virtual Labs and Resources for LAGCC Biology Courses

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Free Apps for Biology Labs

Dissection lab & 3D Biology are links to Google Play download pages. You can also search for them in the Apple store on iPhone.

Biology models in NS department

Include different models with different views:

Meiosis, mitosis board, Amoeba, Animal cell, Brain Cranial nerves, Brain, Digestive board, Ear, Eye, Euglena, Female genital organ, Glomerulus, Heart, Lung, Male genital organ, Nephron, Neuron, Paramecium, Plant cell, Right Kidney, Spinal Cord, UTS.

SCB 115 – Principles of Biology

SCB 201 – General Biology I

SCB 202 – General Biology II

Classify animals by phylum and their virtual dissections.

Fetal Pig Dissection

Fetal Pig Arteries and Veins

Reproductive Organs of the Fetal Pig

SCB 203 – Fundamentals of Human Biology I

Human 3D Model Online

Skeletal System

Muscular System

Cardiovascular System

Circulatory System

SCB 204 – Fundamentals of Human Biology II

Nervous System and Special Sensors

Sheep Brain

Cow Eye


Reproductive System


Endocrine System

Respiratory System

Urinary System

Digestive System

SCB 208 – Vertebrate Anatomy and Physiology I

SCB 209 – Vertebrate Anatomy and Physiology II

Lab 1  Peripheral & central nervous system, spinal cord

Lab2     Brain and cranial nerves

Lab 3     Special senses

Lab 4     Digestive system

Lab 5     The respiratory system

Lab 6     Midterm + Blood cell types

Lab 7     The heart

Lab 8, 9 The great Blood Vessels, Circulation system

Lab 10   Excretory system

Lab 11   Reproductive system + Review